Friday, June 27, 2008


I was just having a discussion with someone who doesn’t see the big deal about Albariños. His comments to me were that there really wasn’t much to them; they were all watery and not much in the way of substance. Ha! I think the man is crazy! Albariño is a delicious varietal, and is full of complex fruit and floral nuances that make for an extremely expressive drink.

Case in point, the Burgans Albariño 2006 ($11.49), is full of white peaches, yellow plums and honeysuckle notes in the nose, followed by juicy apricot, peach and nectarines across the palate. There is good acidity present throughout, and with a low residual sugar content, it is quite dry, making it ideal for salty or spicy cuisine, such as our cheese of the month, Kefalotyri, or some zesty Paella.

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