Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have to hand it to good friend Terry Shumrick, winemaker for Kentucky’s own Stonebrook Winery in Camp Springs. I am a HUGE Cabernet Franc fan, and to try a Kentucky Cabernet Franc – I was shaking in my boots. But much to my surprise, I was really knocked out. A ten dollar Cab Franc, from Kentucky, that tasted really good – who’d have thought?

Last night, we had Terry in the store to feature both his Stonebrook wines, and his ShumDaddy BBQ sauce, as he brought in some BBQ pork to share with our customers. Very cool, and a really great idea to venture down the road maybe 20 minutes, for dinner on a Saturday night (the only night they are open for dinner at the winery). Yet the Cabernet Franc – what a hit that one was!

Sure it is not Cheval Blanc, but it’s not a mortgage payment either.

Smooth, medium-bodied, with playful blue and black fruit aromas and flavors, it is a very accessible, user-friendly red wine that will be great for burgers and steaks on the grill. It is not a really tannic, stemmy tasting Cab Franc like some kind, with that overt vegetative aftertaste that makes you wish the winemaker took a pass on that Cab Franc fruit – no, this one is really good.

Cab Franc from Kentucky. Now anything is possible.

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