Monday, May 18, 2009


Recently, one of my sales reps, Tom Stephen, from Cutting Edge Selections here in Cincinnati, turned me onto a very uniquely-packaged Sangria from a friend of his out of Illinois called Glunz Wines. Their de la Costa Sangria NV is a surprisingly well-made wine using California juice and brandy made by themselves. Light, semi-sweet, and full of lively, fresh fruit flavors, a slight chill on this red would be the ideal summer beverage.

I am not a real big fan of Sangria, but my wife adores the stuff. It's uncomplicated, easy on the palate, and very enjoyable when all you want to do is unwind. I would highly recommend this particular Sangria, which comes in a liter bottle reminiscent of Grolsch (for all you swing-top bottle fans).

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be coming to you from Chicago, to report on Palm Bay Imports Annual Winemaker Portfolio tasting. Wines from Italian winemakers such as Poliziano, Planeta, Feudo di San Gregorio and Fonterutoli, as well as Rhone superstar Jean-Luc Colombo, and much more, will be on tap. So tune in to find out more.


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