Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Grade: OUTSTANDING. The Mojo: The Arganza La Mano Roble 2007 is 100% Mencia from the Bierzo region in Spain. A fairly new appellation, at least to the U.S., this significant region is in the northern portion of Spain, just north of the northern border of Portugal, east of Rias Biaxas. The signature grape Mencia, which is present in all its glory here, is a medium- to full-bodied red, with blueberry, mulberry and boysenberry aromas and flavors. It almost reminds me of the old syrup carousel at IHOP, but without the sugary afterwards. Surprising layers of earthiness, dense fruit, and spices are aloud and proud declaration of just how good a value this one is. Wholeheartedly earns the BUY IT BY THE CASE endorsement.

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