Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I’m sitting in my office listening to the new Ashes Divide CD and mulling over what to include in the new email blast, which is a fairly arcane process itself. All of you computer jockeys out there would laugh me into next week if you knew how I had to do it right now, but such is the beauty of bringing you the lowest prices possible – razor thin overhead.

Anyway, as I listen to this new disc and the buzzing of the tiny fan behind me (which keeps me from melting in this pizza oven of an office), I can finally get around to telling you about a great summer white, the Cantina Cincinnato Illirio Bianco Cori 2006 ($11.98). This medium-to-full-bodied white from Cori (an ancient city just outside of Rome in the province of Lazio (Latium)) is brought to the states via John Given Wines.

When I first learned of the wines from Cincinnato, I obviously had to bring them in, but I was more than surprised by the character of the fruit presented both in the white and the red (the Raverosse Rosso 2004 ($13.98)). I was so impressed I made them wines of the month for this past month.

The Illirio Bianco is an unique blend of 30% Trebbiano, 40% Malvasia and 30% Bellone (a varietal that until now I was unfamiliar with). The nose of this beauty is wildly fragrant in the nose, with hints of lemon and lime zest and baked pineapple. It’s a bit like an Hawaiian luau – all you need is the sunny beaches and all that blue water (and don’t forget the poi!). On the palate, there’s more citrus and tropical fruit flavors with hints of nutmeg and vanilla (despite the fact this is entirely tank-fermented). It finishes dry and would lend itself well as an aperitif wine or first-course wine. It would also make for a refreshing change from a light beer on a hot summer day.

Come by and check it out! You won't be disappointed.

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