Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ah, home cooking! I sometimes feel bad for my wife because she is sort-of stuck with me whenever I decide to do my Naked Chef impersonation. Monday my wife and I whipped together a dinner consisting of grilled swordfish, jasmine rice and an arugala and mint salad with cucumbers (and my wife's idea for a lemon juice and olive oil dressing), and paired with the new Colomé Torrontés 2007 ($9.99) from Argentina.

Keep it simple, that’s how I contend with the kitchen duties (although my wife likes to point out how difficult my approach really is). I’m more like a mad scientist than a chef though years of experimentation have at least yielded something edible. Yet alongside the meal, this delicious white wine made of 100% Torrontes (a native cross between Mission and Muscat d’Alexandria) married well with everything, expressing light honeysuckle, orange blossom and apricot notes that are deceptively sweet in nature. The initial taste is bright with radiant acidity, a hint of lemon and mineral, followed into the midpalate by peaches, apricots and lemon verbena. The finish is clean, crisp and dry, leaving the palate refreshed.

Try it tonight with seafood or light salads tonight.

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